4 Ways Blogging Builds Your Business or Nonprofit

Running a business or a nonprofit group can be time consuming and you may be forced to wear multiple hats. While you may be able to shirk some responsibilities, blogging is one job you will want to continue – or delegate – for the good of your organization.

Here’s why blogging is important:

1. Blogging helps establish you as an authority.

Writing regularly about a specific topic or something unique about your business or organization helps build credibility among your online world and within your group’s overall community. It also reinforces you as an expert in your respective field.

2. Blogging boosts your SEO

The more frequently your Website is updated with original content the higher Google and other search engines rank your organization in your given field. Ranking higher means your Website will show up sooner in search engines for potential customers or members. Being seen sooner could mean the difference between a prospective customer or member choosing you over a competitor.

3. Blogging adds a personal touch

Apart from reiterating your organization’s mission statement on brochures and mailers, blogging opens the door for an insider’s look at who you are, why readers should care and what your business or nonprofit has to offer. Maybe your passion is crocheting. You can weave your interest into a post about what lies ahead for your business, resulting in a more personable feel than information typically shared via other communication tools.

4. Blogging keeps the creative juices flowing

In addition to sharing with the world what’s new or of note with your group, blogging helps to clear your head and prioritize the top tasks warranting your attention. Maybe your business wants to focus on building its customer base. A blog about who your customers are and what opportunities are available to them could tie in nicely with this priority.

Tell us what blogging topics work for you.

Are you confused about how to get started writing a blog or at a loss for engaging blog topics? Katalinas Communications can help! Give us a call at 215-519-8833 or email katalinascommunications@gmail.com for help finding a “voice” for your group.

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