What Times are Best to Post on Social Media?

Just as important as what to post on social media is knowing when to post. The best video, photo gallery, or article is only as good as the eyeballs that see it.

Ultimately, there isn’t a fool-proof time of day that will work for every business or organization across all platforms. But, generally speaking there are times when user engagement is highest. With some analysis and a bit of tweaking based on your audience, an effective posting timeline can be set up.


For many small businesses, nonprofit organizations and, let’s face it, pretty much any entity with a Facebook page, this social media tool is one of the top Website referrers of traffic.

Given Facebook’s declining reach and the emphasis on sponsored posts, making your posts have optimum reach and engagement (organically) is key to interacting with your fans.

The infographic below offers a general guideline for the best times to post. Of course, optimal times for your audience could vary.

Tip: Use Facebook’s “insights” in the admin section to analyze the reach of your posts, engagement rates and what times fans are online.


With 288 million active monthly users, Twitter is, or probably should be, another social media giant for your business or organization’s social media marketing efforts.

Given that, according to Twitter, 500 million tweets are sent a day – each with an approximate 15-minute shelf life – it’s easy to get lost in a sea of 140-character messages.

Tip: Use Hootsuite to manage and track your social media strategy. Analytics reports will help pinpoint the best times to post on Twitter.

Linkedin and Google+

Particularly for businesses, or entities sharing business-related content, Linkedin and Google+ are excellent drivers of social media sharing and conversation.

Tip: Join groups relevant to your business or organization and share your content there as well.

Even with analytics tools and insights, knowing which social media platforms work best for you and knowing when and what to post can sometimes be overwhelming. Katalinas Communications can help! Give us a call at 215-519-8833 or email katalinascommunications@gmail.com.


What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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