3 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Plan

Is your business ready for more customers, increased company or product/service awareness and niche authority in 2023 and beyond?

A marketing plan is an essential starting point.

A marketing plan can help your organization set goals and actionable steps.

Knowing which channels are best suited to market your business or organization and arrive at your very specific goals can be challenging – especially if you have not created the holy grail of guidebooks: A marketing plan.

Think of it as your organization’s unique roadmap driving your business efforts during the next year. Before drafting this all-important blueprint, it’s important to determine goals. Research is often a necessary puzzle piece in goal-setting as you need to know which social media platforms, for instance, work best with your target audience and product/service. In short, be sure to do your homework. Where are your target customers online? Which social media platforms do they frequent? Where/how do they get their news and how can you tap into that?

Now back to goals. What would your company like to achieve? Are you interested in informing your audience, or selling your goods and services to millennials, for example? Do you want to use social media to engage more with current customers? Are you looking to brand your business in a way other than how it is currently perceived?

Until you know what you hope to achieve, it’s next to impossible to craft a plan that will lead you in the appropriate direction.

Now that you know what a marketing plan is, here is why you need one:

  1. Focus – A marketing plan will provide you with a strategy for reaching each of your goals. Without a plan, it is difficult to zero in on the ultimate objectives and measure the success (or failure) of each.
  1. Limit Distractions – Some businesses opt to market by the seat of their company’s proverbial pants. That can mean jumping headfirst into each new social media network as it is launched, without determining if it may be a good fit for your ideal customer. Your plan will reign your organization in and narrow the focus.
  1. ROI – Every nonprofit or business owner understands the importance of Return on Investment (ROI). Rarely, however, are marketing tactics measured to determine cost vs. benefit and ultimately to discern what is working and what is not. Your marketing guide will outline various costs associated with each prong of your plan. As each task or campaign is carried out, it should be simple to figure out if the number of new customers or added sales was worth the expense and effort.

It will take time and some analysis to draft and finalize your organization’s marketing plan. Completing it will make your road to marketing success much easier to travel.

Would you like some help writing a marketing plan for 2023? Through Jan 15, 2023 Katalinas Communications is offering a client consultation and creation of a marketing plan for a one-time only cost of $199*. To learn more or arrange your consultation, call Theresa Katalinas at 215-519-8833 or email Theresa@Katalinascommunications.com. *Special pricing cannot be combined with any other offers. Price quoted includes consultation and marketing plan creation only and does not include undertaking any of the marketing plan objectives. Additional marketing and public relation services will be billed accordingly.

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