Wow Your Audience with Compelling Graphic Designs

From small business to local government, nonprofit organization and everything in between – Katalinas Communications has had the opportunity to shape the brand messaging for a variety of clients in 2015.

The imagery in our graphic designs is compelling, creative and as diverse as our pool of clients. And that’s a good thing. Graphic design is not about the cookie cutter effect, but rather an opportunity to speak visually with your audience.

We created a special logo to commemorate Buckingham Valley Vineyards' 50th anniversary.
We created a special logo to commemorate Buckingham Valley Vineyards’ 50th anniversary.

Your business and its offerings are unique – just like your design components.

When done properly, your logo and other images used in conjunction with your business should tell a story and, in essence, sum up who you are and what products or services you have to offer.

Here are some things to keep in mind to guide your designs before you begin creating an advertisement, flier, newsletter, direct mail piece, postcard or other related marketing materials:

Decide what you want to communicate

Your business may be multi-faceted, but each design you create should convey one singular message. Trying to pack too many ideas in can confuse your audience. Knowing what you want to share will guide the evolution of your graphic messaging.

A graphic design created for an Alligood Energy email blast.
A graphic design created for an Alligood Energy email blast.

Keep it consistent

The graphics you use literally become the face of your company and will be how people remember you. Research has shown that it takes multiple touch points for people to start paying attention to your brand. Make it easier on your prospects by using the same images (and colors) across all mediums.

Be bold – but not too bold

Speaking of colors, choosing the right ones for your logo and accompanying designs is paramount. The color red, for instance, symbolizes danger, fire and intense emotion, while purple suggests royalty or wisdom. Tip: Pick the hues that help define your business objectives.

As we look ahead to 2016, the Katalinas Communications team wanted to share a quick retrospective of some of our favorite graphic designs.

To learn more about brand messaging and creating impactful graphic design, contact Creative Director Mark Hubman at 215-301-5933.

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