Why Every Entrepreneur Should See Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

A rainy forecast put off outdoor plans I had with my family this weekend. We had been planning a day in Philadelphia and Camden, N.J. for the Tall Ships festival, followed by a members-only trip to the Adventure Aquarium and fireworks to cap the night.

Even though those things are now out of the picture, I’m not disappointed.

The Ace in my back pocket is the latest blockbuster Pixar movie, “Inside Out.” When it comes to seeing animated movies in theaters, having a 5-year-old daughter definitely comes in handy.

With her by my side I won’t get any sideways looks about why I chose to watch a kids’ movie on the big screen. But, in all honesty, this movie is one that every entrepreneur should see – and one that I’m particularly looking forward to watching.


'Inside Out' is the perfect movie for entrepreneurs grappling with conflicting emotions.
Hannah watching her very first in-theater movie, Frozen, in December 2013.

On a daily basis, entrepreneurs are faced with so many emotions, sometimes colliding from every angle, all at once. With my business I have extreme top-of-the-world highs and bottom-of-the-barrel lows. Sometimes, they happen within minutes of each other.

Managing those feelings, staying positive and keeping a focus on your business and how it benefits your customers can be difficult on the best of days and next to impossible on tougher days.

While it’s not without its immense rewards, being an entrepreneur is damn hard. No one but you truly knows how challenging it can be to manage your own expectations, as well as those of your clients, family, friends and anyone else you interact with.

Taking your mind off of the seriousness of being a business owner – if only for 94 minutes – and watching Amy Poehler and Bill Hader tackle these internal fears and insecurities has got to be a form of emotional mending. Or maybe it’s just me.

Who would ever think I’d actually look forward to rain.

Please share how you handle the emotional struggles of entrepreneurship. What are your words of wisdom?

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