Elevate Your PR to New Levels in 2017

In terms of publicity, it used to be that you could do one thing and do it well. That “thing” was public relations, i.e. writing and distributing press releases and earning media coverage.

Traditional PR is still a viable form of communication. However, it should not be your only tool. Consider elevating your approach to public relations by adding some new tools to your toolbox.

In 2017 and beyond, your organization’s efforts to share its news should (wisely) go beyond press alone. To be most effective, consider your public relations as fitting under your company’s over-arching content marketing umbrella.

PR is one of many tools in your content marketing toolbox. How many will you choose to market your business or organization in 2017 and beyond?
How are you using content marketing to elevate your public relations to new heights?

What is content marketing? Think of it as fewer sales pitches and the sharing of more relevant and informative content via writing, blogging, social media conversations, harnessing reviews, videos and more. The goal, of course, is to generate sales or attract new clients or customers.

I view public relations similarly in that the goal is to increase awareness of an organization or a group’s involvement in an event, etc. By blending PR and content marketing, your audience will 1). Know more about your business or organization; and 2). Have a better understanding of how your products or services relate to or impact them.

With 2017 on the horizon, now is the time to begin planning PR and marketing strategies for the new year.

Some businesses dedicate entire marketing teams to these efforts, while others have a staffer or consultant zero in on a few key points. Whatever you choose, here are a few tips to get started:

Pick (and stick) to a goal(s)

Now’s not the time to be a flip-flopper. Figure out what you’d like to achieve and build your marketing plan around it. Is your organization’s top priority growing its email subscriber list, engaging with followers on Facebook or something altogether different?

Strategy = #1

Once you have an objective in mind, it will be easier to build a strategy around it. Without a strategic plan, it’s difficult to know what works, what doesn’t, what can still be tried and how to measure the campaign’s overall success (or failure).

Pick your channels           

Just like TV channels are best suited for specific audiences, so too are the various social media, networking and blogging channels. If positioning yourself as an authority in your respective niche is your goal, you might consider investigating the best online sites to boost your notoriety through expert advice or commenting on relevant conversations.

Try (and try again)

At the beginning, your content marketing may seem a bit like trial and error. And that’s because it is to a certain extent. Trying multiple options to share your blog, for instance, will likely result in very different outcomes. Some sites may work better in driving prospects to your Website. Over time, through careful analysis, you’ll see which are most effective in reaching your audience.

Measure it

Piggybacking off number four, evaluating your options is key. One of the easiest ways is through Web traffic. Posting your blog on LinkedIn may mean more click-throughs to your site, but once there, are folks sticking around or bailing? Are customers using promo codes included on your marketing or advertising materials to purchase your products or services? Is your call to action actionable enough? Answers to these and other individualized questions can offer insight into new or perhaps better approaches to attaining your marketing goals.

These are just a few tips that may come in handy as you prepare your public relations and content marketing plans for the coming year. Best of luck in whatever you choose and happy marketing!

For more information on how Katalinas Communications can help your small business or nonprofit organization create an effective public relations and content marketing strategy, email Theresa Katalinas at theresa@katalinascommunications.com or call 215-519-8833.

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