7 Tips to Win on Facebook

Do you know the rules for marketing your brand on Facebook.
There’s a science to posting on Facebook.

If you think your Facebook marketing strategy can’t lose, that may be your first mistake.

Everyone – from the mom and pop pizza shop to the nonprofit organization to the corporate giant and every group in between – seems to be finding a voice on Facebook.

But, the real question is, is it the best voice for use on the social media giant?

Just like there are some good guidelines to keep in mind for optimal audience engagement times, there are also some frameworks, or rather rules of play to follow to ensure the greatest possible overall success.

Our tips could make the difference between retaining and gaining more followers of your page to your “likes” giving you the thumbs down by unfollowing or blocking out your content.

  1. Be genuine

This may seem obvious, but we have all posted generic, easy-to-find content in hopes of a fast return. The bottom line is people follow your brand because they have an emotional connection to it. Posting inauthentic content will likely cause disconnect between your organization and its followers.

  1. Don’t oversell

If you think your Facebook page’s purpose is to bring in more customers, think again. People spend time on social media to be entertained, not to hear sales pitches.

  1. Don’t repeat

While it’s OK to post the same message on Twitter on multiple occasions, the same is not true of Facebook. Follow the one and done approach whenever possible. If you must share something again try to offer a new image or different context.

  1. #You #can #overuse #hashtags

For maximum impact, use hashtags sparingly and to denote keywords that your audience could potentially search for.

  1. Mix it up

It’s good to change the posting times and the types of content. You don’t want your page to be so predictable that your followers know what you will be posting on any given day.

  1. Don’t be afraid to share

Nobody likes the all-me-all-the-time Facebook page. Your followers want to see that you care about like-minded organizations and want to like and share their content. Sharing is caring, after all.

  1. Stand out from the pack

Whenever possible post compelling photos, graphic design components or video on Facebook. Eye-catching images and videos will help grab the attention of your followers. Remember your brand is ultimately competing for the attention of followers’ family and friends, as well as other business pages.


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