Who Is Your Customer?

What do you know, really know about your customers?

Before you can set out to market to potential customers you first must know them in the same way you know a close friend or family member.

Beyond knowing that they buy your products or services, what are your clients like? What is their age, gender and income? Where do they live, shop, eat and spend their time online?

What keeps them up at night? And how can you – through your business – help ease their anxiety or lessen their pain points?

Use these tips to sketch an outline of an ideal customer:

  1. Find your target

    What do you really know about your customers?
    What do you really know about your customers?

Ask yourself relevant questions to zero in on the perfect type of customer for your business or industry. Some examples of criteria to consider: Amount of money spent supporting your business; length of customer relationship; willingness to refer you to other potential prospects.

In a nutshell, your best customers are the ones who have been loyal to you, who speak positively about you in public and who are willing to spend money on your offerings.

  1. Find common ground

What do your best customers have in common? Do they represent the same industry, similar income levels or have an equal number of employees or members?

It might also be beneficial to look at other key factors, including the title of decision maker(s). Once you outline similarities it will be easier to zero in on the best bang for your marketing bucks.

  1. Find customers where they are

Now that you know your customers’ habits, interests and demographic information, you have everything you need to meet them where they are and craft an appealing integrated marketing piece to pique their curiosity. Just be sure to speak genuinely to them, hitting on any problematic areas and outlining your products or services as the solution.

Do you need help finding your customers? Call Theresa Katalinas at 215-519-8833 or email katalinascommunications@gmail.com.

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