Web Development Services Coming Soon!

Katalinas Communications will begin offering in-house Website development services soon.

A great manager once told me that it’s important to find the right talent and trust those individuals to do their jobs. Since I’m nowhere near a tech or coding expert, I have collaborated with talented and experienced Web developers whenever a client needed a Website rebuild.

Sure, I post blogs, articles and fresh photos and graphic design samples on my site, as well as on some of my nonprofit clients’ sites, but I realize my own limitations. I know that writing and public relations are my strong suits. My thinking has always been that I would rather refer work to a business owner or entrepreneur who I know will do a great job rather than try to do it myself and offer only lackluster results.

When operating as a solopreneur it’s important to specialize, find your niche, and do it well. Check. Check. Check.

For going on four years, that has been my focus …

Katalinas Communications will begin offering Website services soon.
Katalinas Communications Creative Director Mark Hubman is obtaining Website training and certification.

Yet, business growth is important too, which is why, with the help of my talented Creative Director Mark Hubman, I am pleased to announce that, coming soon, Katalinas Communications will be bringing its Web development services in-house. On the surface, this may seem to be of little consequence as Website clients will continue to see the same amazing service and support.

The noted behind-the-scenes difference really lies in my small business success story. It’s the reason so many people shop small and support small businesses. It’s why I sometimes have more work than I can comfortably handle and why I have not had to advertise my business. If you do a good job for people they will want to tell their friends. Soon their friends become clients as well.

I am hopeful that this successful approach will translate to the Web development realm throughout the greater Philadelphia area as I look to expand my services and continue to provide clients with exceptional service.

Mark, my right hand for all things graphics, wanted an opportunity to expand his horizons beyond the social media images, branding messages, newsletters and other marketing materials and graphic designs he creates. A go-getter to the core, Mark is in the process of taking a series of hands-on Web development training and certification courses. Once complete, Mark will be ready and able to build Websites.

 Does your business or organization’s site need a facelift? Contact Mark at Mark@KatalinasCommunications.com to learn more about how he can help.

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