Planning an Upgrade to Windows 10?

Messy desktop. Misplaced files.

Perhaps you need a personal assistant.

Not in your budget? That’s OK, it’s in the Microsoft spending plan.

Windows 10 offers various new features, including a personal assistant.
Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 on July 29 as a free update to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

With the forthcoming release of Windows 10 (due out July 29) the software giant allows users to swap a crowded desktop for one of multiple other desktops. It also incorporates Cortana, the personal digital assistant designed to scour your apps, the Windows store, the Internet and your files. The search guide also keeps tabs on your most-watched Netflix items, most-used apps and recent software additions, among other things.

CNN Money, in an article published earlier this year, gave the search feature within the free upgrade a thumbs up.

“Like Windows 8’s outstanding search function, Cortana can help you access deeply hidden settings with a few keyboard strokes, helping you avoid hunting and pecking through control panel settings,” according to the article.

Dubbed by Microsoft as “the best Windows ever,” the release also features the ability to take the start menu to full screen.

It also sounds like the new version can virtually think for itself by recognizing when a keyboard or mouse is not in use and allowing you to enter tablet mode. As such the screen is optimized for a smaller desktop.

According to Microsoft, the software, which comes equipped with the Microsoft Edge Web browser, “offers a better Web experience.” Think about the number of times you shared an article on Facebook to have it at your fingertips later or pinned a recipe on Pinterest for easy accessing. Windows 10 is said to be more compatible with how the Web is written, allowing you to take notes directly on Web pages and share or save it for later.

Of all the new and improved features, I think I’m most excited about the possibility of multiple desktops. Because, let’s face it, couldn’t we all use a break from cleaning up?

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