5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for Grants

From travel and tourism, to feeding the hungry, creating environmental sustainability, empowering youth with STEM education, and everything in between, grant funding is available for almost every facet of business and charitable organizations. The question is: Are you leveraging the abundance of resources available to financially support your next project or new undertaking?

If not, read on to discover some reasons why your nonprofit organization or business should consider applying for grants. (Typically grants are reserved for charities. However, amid the pandemic, for-profit businesses are also eligible for myriad grant opportunities).

1. Free money, anyone?

Grants can help organizations create new or expanded offerings.

Grants provide your organization with an opportunity to create a new funding stream that does not need to be repaid. Just like a nonprofit organization would not turn down a donation, so too, you should not shirk what could potentially be a funding windfall.

2. Create new or expanded programs

Grants often are not sought to maintain the status quo. Instead, organizations look to grants to launch a new campaign, expand existing outreach or services, or hire additional staff. Think of the wish list you have for growing your charitable organization or business. Is limited funding keeping your goals from becoming reality?

3. Collaboration = bigger impact

Organizations and businesses collaborating tend to be stronger than one entity going it alone. In terms of grants, cooperation with like-minded groups is one of the surefire ways to a grant donor’s heart. When I apply for tourism grants on behalf of one of my clients, it helps that the organization also partners with several tourism entities. The grantor recognizes the multi-faceted efforts undertaken to further the mission and has to date, awarded funding several years consecutively.

4. Success breeds more $ 

Success breeds success in grant funding too.

Securing grant funding can result in a domino effect with more organizations seeing the value in your goals and mission. As noted above, collaborations with other entities bode well for receiving grants. Once you receive one source of funding and note your partners in forthcoming applications, other grantors may be more likely to contribute as well. That has been the case with my tourism client. Each year I write and submit grant applications to two tourism-centric agencies. Both organizations appreciate the collaborative efforts and partnerships my client has with other tourism-focused groups and awards funds accordingly.

5. The stars – and your goals – align

Do the grant objectives align with your mission?

When your objectives perfectly line up with the intended projects and goals established with a grant, applying is a no-brainer. Oftentimes, finding grant objectives in alignment with an organization’s mission is one of the most challenging aspects. In some instances, applicants must be a bit flexible with their intended project and goals to meet the grant guidelines and specifications. When that is not possible, it might be time to seek out another grant opportunity.


Does your nonprofit organization or business need assistance applying for grants? Email Theresa Katalinas or call 215-519-8833 to learn how Katalinas Communications can help. Katalinas Communications oversees the grant writing and application process for the Bucks County Wine Trail. Most recently, Katalinas Communications completed a grant writing project for Salute 2 Service, a nonprofit organization focused on assisting military veterans. In addition to grant writing services, Katalinas Communications regularly writes fundraising appeal letters and sponsorship packages for a variety of charitable organizations, including Camp Rainbow Inc., Falls Township‘s annual Touch a Truck fundraiser and The Welcome Project PA.



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