4 Ways Digital Advertising Drives Bigger Bang for Less Buck

There was a time when advertising for a business or organization amounted to placing an ad in a print publication and rolling the dice to see who would respond.

The pool of potential customers was dependent upon who was reading the newspapers, magazines and other print publications containing the ad.

Online ads drive traffic directly to your Website, simplifying the sales process.
Digital advertising is more cost-effective as compared to print.

But, nowadays, advertising, like practically everything else, has gone digital. And with that shift is a door kicked wide open with possibilities.

Advertisers are no longer limited to trying to sell their services or products to all who read a particular publication. Instead digital advertising allows businesses to pick and choose their ideal customer base through targeted ads focused on specific demographics, including location, gender, age, interests and household income.

While some organizations continue to find value in the more traditional print advertising, digital ads are proving advantageous for a variety of reasons.

  1. Smaller spends

With digital ads, advertisers generally pay a set dollar amount per impression, which means the number of people who are guaranteed to see your ad. Potential customers can interact with your message for literally pennies on the dollar as compared to the much more costly print ads.

  1. More engagement

Unlike print ads, digital ads tend to be more interactive, incorporating movement, flashing images and even video. Digital ads also provide a more direct tunnel to your sales funnel with a link to your Website or a specific landing page designed specifically with certain prospective clients in mind.

  1. Better tracking

Since your online ad will be sending prospects to your Website, you can track how many visits stemmed from the ad. To get a more analytical comparison of which ads drove the most traffic, consider A/B testing digital ads with variations.

  1. Broader reach

As print publication subscriptions continue to dwindle, online is where advertisers are finding their most captive audiences. Last month Facebook announced that 40 million small business owners had active pages. Of those, 2 million actively advertise on the social media platform. It would cost much more money, time and resources to send direct mail to the same number of people that can be reached with online ads.

Stepping up your advertising efforts in a digital space can be overwhelming. Don’t go it alone! Katalinas Communications can put together a digital advertising strategy to match your budget and individual needs. Call today for a consultation: 215-519-8833.

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