Summer’s Over: Now What?

I have been dreading today for weeks. Pushing it away in my mind. Wishing that the hours would move slower, even stop for a bit.

Yet, today came and I begrudgingly said good-bye to life as I have known it for the last two-and-a-half months.

Summer temperatures may still be here, but, alas, my summer vacation is over.

And, by vacation I mean living vicariously through and alongside my almost 10-year-old daughter as she rode thrill rides at Six Flags Great Adventure, cooled down on those oppressively hot days at Hurricane Harbor water park, went to the movies, bowling, played unlimited laser tag, got pedicures, enjoyed many trips out for ice cream, made candles and bounced through trampoline parks.

Yes, all of that is over. At least until June.

As my daughter walked into school this morning, I struggled to keep my composure as the door closed on our special time together. As I helped her get ready for bed last night, I told her how much this summer has meant to me and how sad I am to have it be over. I’m not sure she believes me when I tell her it’s been my most favorite of all summers and all because of her.

Initially, I wasn’t sure that would be the case. Since starting Katalinas Communications in 2014, my husband and I have always enrolled her in summer camp. On days where I could manage it, I would pick her up early from camp or skip camp altogether and do something fun.

As summer break began, I thought about how I could make those occasional outings be our every day. Other than two weeks of camp focused on animals (she wants to be a veterinarian), I made the rash decision to cancel her other four weeks of camp altogether. Dare I say it’s one of the best decisions ever.

Here’s why: Work will always be there waiting. She won’t be. Every day she gets a little bit older, a little more independent and needs me a little less. How many more summers will she want to go on daily adventures with me?

I knew it would be challenging, but I have found that anything worth doing always is. As a working mom and business owner I have often (and continue) to struggle with work/life balance. This summer I pulled off perhaps my best balancing act yet. I stayed up to date with my client tasks on off hours and weekends when my husband could navigate the day’s fun adventure. The week, for the most part, was reserved for girls’ fun times and memory making.

And, I wouldn’t change anything about our wonderful summer. Other, than, of course, how quickly it flew by. If only there was a way to stop time …

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