I Need to Market My Business … But How?

Small business owners, volunteers and board members wear many hats, including (but not limited to) owner, manager, phone answerer, customer service specialist and human resources department.

We pour ourselves into the day-to-day management of our business or organization, but there is often little (if any) time to familiarize would-be customers, members or donors with who we are, what we do and what sets us apart from like-minded entities: You know, actually marketing the business.

And, let’s face it, marketing can be overwhelming.

Do you have a brand? And, if so, is it all that it can and should be?

What’s your story and what’s the best approach to sharing it? Have you dabbled in social media? Direct mail? Should you consider blogging?

Finding another outlet to share your message is also a possibility. However, gaining the attention of the media can be a challenge. More importantly, how do you know if your business or organization has a noteworthy story to tell? And, if so, what’s the angle? Who do you contact and what’s the best way to go about it?

Hiring a marketing and public relations expert with vast news reporting expertise can help shed light on whether or not your story would resonate with the general public and how to actually build a buzz.

Or maybe your story is not yet ripe for the telling. Perhaps marketing to would-be clients or prospective members is a better approach for your organization. Carving your own unique path – instead of a cookie cutter approach – is not always obvious, or easy. Should you run advertisements, send mailings, blog on relevant sites, send email communications, or do all of the above?

This is where outside expertise from a marketing professional can be invaluable in devising the best strategy for your business or organization.

At Katalinas Communications we have experience collaborating with a multitude of small businesses, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. Working one-on-one, we strategize to find the best approach to market you to the people who matter most.

Give us a call today at 215-519-8833 for a free, no commitment consultation.

Katalinas Communications: We Get Your Heard.

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