Celebrate Even When the Best Intentions Fall Short

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. I’ve meant to, really. It’s just that life sometimes gets in the way of my intentions.

Ever have that happen to you?

A deep breath always helps.

I’m not sure what it is about the back to school season, but it’s more than a month in I still haven’t fully adjusted. Maybe it’s my 8-year-old’s increasingly busy schedule. There’s karate on Mondays, dance on Tuesdays and gymnastics on Wednesdays. Between all of that, there’s nightly homework, cooking meals, plus regular household stuff I have to do on top of running my business.

Oh, and the whole having a life thing fits (or doesn’t) in there somewhere too.

Needless to say, that writing (other than the marketing copy, articles and press releases I regularly work on for clients) has not been a top priority lately. And that’s OK. I’m learning that I need to cut myself some slack now and then.

In the long run not beating myself up over minor missteps – or life’s interruptions – will help me to have a better outlook.

Here’s my list, in no particular order, of ways we can give ourselves a much-needed pat on the back for even the smallest jobs well done.

Even if you’re working toward a huge goal, it’s still important to recognize and celebrate the small steps of progress.
  1. Celebrate the little things

Hey, I found time to write a blog! Win! See how easy it is?! Seriously, we all have big goals, but if we only focus on them our vision can become clouded, causing us to miss the important small steps we take on the way there.

  1. One task at a time

I struggle with this at times. However, I have discovered that fully focusing on one project at a time and completing it before tackling something else allows me to be more productive. I find it gratifying to cross items off of a list.

  1. Take breaks

Especially for entrepreneurs who tend not to follow a 9-5 schedule, allowing yourself a brain break is so important. I follow the same routine most days. I work for about 2 hours in the morning, have breakfast and then head to the gym. After my workout, I’m refreshed and ready to handle whatever projects most need my attention.

  1. Treat yourself

Make sure your good deeds don’t go unnoticed by treating yourself to something special. For me, any excuse to go out for lunch is motivation enough to stay the course. When you reach a milestone, no matter how small, recognize it by taking yourself out.

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