7 Tips to Boost Summer Productivity

Longer days. More sun. Summer vacations.

Feeling inspired to work?

You’re not alone.

Finding the gumption to ignore the sunshine and get to work becomes increasingly more difficult as kids break for summer vacation, family trips come to fruition and the lure of the beach beckons.

Particularly for small businesses or startups, buckling down and keeping productive – even when business slows over the summer – is especially important for long-term success.

Follow these tips to keep a better focus during summer (and beyond):

Check out these 7 tips to become more productive at work.
Check out these 7 tips to become more productive at work.
  1. Be flexible

If you can run your business from anywhere, do it. Let go of the need to be in an office environment and take your tablet or laptop to the beach, playground or other non-cubicle workplace for mini work sessions.

  1. Delegate

If you need to be in the office to run your business, don’t let that be your excuse for not indulging a bit this summer. It may seem counterproductive, but your business will benefit from you taking some downtime to relax and recharge. Appoint a trusted employee to manage the business while you enjoy some time off.

  1. Plan ahead

Slow summer months are the perfect time to review your company’s first half of the year and set benchmarks for the remainder of the year. What sales goals has your business reached and where has it fallen short? Mid-year is the perfect time to take a look at progress and tweak as needed.

  1. Stay cool

If you’re finding it impossible to concentrate on the work needed for your business it might be a good idea to check the thermostat. Research has shown that temperatures of 77 degrees to 82 degrees can decrease productivity by as much as 2 percent per degree.

  1. Focus on your best hours

You know your routine best. During what hours do you accomplish the most? If you’re a morning person, be sure to get to the office early and ready to take on the challenges of the day. To get the most out of your time, consider plotting out a to-do list of action items.

  1. Assign yourself a project – and a deadline

For the procrastinators among us, myself included, nothing moves us to action quicker than a task and a set-in-stone deadline. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about automating processes or adhering to a zero email inbox policy. The slower summer months are the perfect time to put your ideas into action.

  1. Review your marketing plan

To make the most of your company’s time, resources and bottom line, I suggest evaluating your marketing strategy halfway through the year. What steps are needed to get the results you seek?

What has helped you stay most productive? Share your tips in the comment section. 

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