5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Vacation

How many times have you watched your work pile up, been inundated with tasks, felt like you needed an extra five hours in the day … and still relished in not just the thought of getting away, but packing your bags and heading for vacation?

Please tell me I’m not alone here.

I love running Katalinas Communications and being my own boss. But, vacations burn off the stress of entrepreneurial life, being a mom, having too much on my plate every other day. In short, I need this. And, I’m not going to apologize for taking it.

When I first started my business, I felt guilty about taking time off. I thought I shouldn’t or couldn’t. As a solopreneur I had no one available to really handle tasks in my absence. So, I would bring my laptop on our beach vacations and work in the morning before my husband and daughter woke up or in the evening after they went to bed. I wanted to be ever-available to my clients.

Yeah, it wasn’t much fun and only added to my stress level because no matter how much time I set aside, it was never enough.

Vacations are so important for entrepreneurs.
Our Walt Disney World family vacation in 2015.

Fast forward to now and I’m counting the days until my family’s winter escape to Walt Disney World. And this time, I’m most assuredly not taking laptops or completing tasks. All of that can and will wait until my return.

Here’s why you need a vacation too:

  1. Stress reduction

Vacations give us a chance to literally get away from it all, including the stress that goes with running a business. Nothing says stress buster like lying on the beach and listening to the waves crash the shore or being wherever you envision as your happy place.

  1. Improved focus

Did you ever hear the expression about being too close to something to objectively weigh in? Your work or business life can be like that too. You’re in the throes of it every day. A vacation gives you a chance to get a 50,000-foot perspective. For me, that means returning with fresh ideas and a more creative outlook.

  1. Better sleep

Did you ever notice that you sleep better and wake more refreshed when you’re on vacation? Lumpy bed and all, I get a better night’s sleep when I’m away. I think it’s because the next day’s to do list isn’t weighing on my mind.

  1. Increased productivity

I find myself more energetic and ready to tackle more projects when I’ve had time off to recharge. Studies show that in addition to increasing productivity, vacations decrease the number of sick days and make for a more enjoyable work life.

  1. Improved quality of life

Family time (or alone time) is important for everyone’s overall well-being. For me, I’m at my happiest when I’m having fun with my husband and daughter. Sure, we have that to a certain extent every day. But, sometimes it means a rushed family dinner before dance class or a quick family board game before bed. Vacationing together gives us an open-ended invitation to spend time together and appreciate one another.

As I pack my bags and head out I’m wondering if I’ve effectively convinced you why you need to – unapologetically – take a vacation too. Where are you headed for your getaway?

As always, if I can help with your business or organization’s public relations or marketing needs, send me an email or give me a call at 215-519-8833.

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