Testimonial from Jeffry Dence

Since I was elected five years ago as a supervisor in Falls Township, we struggled with social media. We created Facebook and Twitter accounts but hadn’t used them effectively or up to their capability. In late 2014, the township hired Theresa Katalinas to assist us. Theresa has provided guidance on utilizing social media more effectively.… Read more “Testimonial from Jeffry Dence”

Jeffry Dence
Falls Township

Testimonial from Tina Coombs

The Edward Taylor Coombs Foundation was established in 2012 and was supported and championed by many in the Greater Hatboro-Horsham community. In order for the trustees to grow and expand the foundation mission and goals, it was imperative that we advance our marketing, press and communications to a much broader audience outside of our local… Read more “Testimonial from Tina Coombs”

Tina Coombs

Testimonial from Jeffry Dence

“Since I was elected five years ago as a supervisor in Falls Township, we struggled with social media and public relations in general. The township has prepared an annual newsletter for residents, but relied on an outside company and had little meaningful content. For news and press releases we relied on local news outlets.  … Read more “Testimonial from Jeffry Dence”

Jeffry Dence
Falls Township

Testimonial from Jennifer Schultz

“Having a successful launch for a start-up company is so important. When I initially spoke with Theresa about our mission and strategy, she was genuinely engaged and immediately began developing a plan to ensure that we would be positioned in such a way that local media would want to tell our story. She takes the… Read more “Testimonial from Jennifer Schultz”

Jennifer Schultz

Testimonial from Tom Johnson

“Theresa was very proactive in collecting resources for sponsorship for a multitude of organizations that I’ve been involved in. She was able to reach out and create positive letters invoking involvement with charity and non-charity organizations.” – Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson
Camp Rainbow

Testimonial from David Busch

“During the development of the initial Authority newsletter Theresa and Mark were critical team members and played a significant role in getting the newsletter developed on schedule.  The positive response from the first three issues was wonderful.  The Authority now has a very professional publication providing key information to customers with each quarterly billing.” –… Read more “Testimonial from David Busch”

David Busch
Keystone Alliance Consulting, Inc

Testimonial from Tom Johnson

“Theresa is very well connected in the media and social media. Her name’s well-recognized. She seems to have the contacts with all the different media outlets and manages effortlessly to contact them all.” – Tom Johnson, Camp Rainbow Inc. board member

Tom Johnson
Camp Rainbow

Testimonial from Barry Curewitz

“Mark is very easy to work with.  His work is always top notch and the service could not be better.” – Barry Curewitz, President, Closet Possible

Barry Curewitz
Closet Possible

Testimonial from Kim Rubenstein

“Theresa has a keen understanding of the media in all its forms. Her talent in marketing, journalism and public relations, combined with her impeccable ethics, make her a valuable partner to any organization. I trust her completely. – Kim Rubenstein, Executive Director, Be A Part of the Conversation

Kim Rubenstein
Be a Part of The Conversation
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